How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Wineries & Golf Courses

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Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t always mean hiking boots or scuba gear. Taking a day to hit the golf course or tasting some wine at a local vineyard with friends might be more your speed when it comes to being “one with nature.” 

These relaxing recreational activities aren’t complete without a comfortable, stylish environment furnished with appropriate outdoor furniture.

Key Considerations

From style to weather-resistance, here are some key considerations to deliberate on when outfitting your golf course or winery with outdoor furniture.

Sophistication and Style

These locations are ideal environments for weddings and other fancy events for a reason. Golf courses and wineries exude sophistication and class. 

Keeping these facilities looking suave and stylish requires more than green grass and fine glassware. When choosing outdoor furniture for wineries and golf courses, you need to keep the right aesthetic in mind. 

For example, bright colored plastic furniture or tall vinyl booths might look out of place, while glossy wood benches or outdoor bistro tables may help your establishment attain the right atmosphere. 

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Another essential component of outdoor furniture for wineries and golf courses is a high level of comfort. When outfitting the patio of your golf course with chairs, you’ll need to keep in mind that some of your members have been out on the green all day. As for wineries, your patrons should be able to relax and focus on your wine without worrying about their aching feet. 

Comfort is key. Avoid overloading your outdoor common areas with hard, uncomfortable chairs. Metal or steel bistro chairs are fine to fill in gaps around your cafe, bar, or restaurant, but having an area where your patrons can relax on softer furniture is essential.

Weather Resistance

Something that needs to be considered when it comes to outdoor furniture in any industry is weather resistance. All tables and chairs that are set up outdoors should be able to withstand the elements, whether that means hours in the hot sunlight or holding their own against heavy rainfall. 

When it comes to the softer side of furniture, looking for weather resistance doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Ensure that your outdoor lounge chairs or sofas are situated underneath umbrellas, awnings, or other protective structures. Many upholstery materials like vinyl, solution-dyed acrylic, or polyester are resistant to sun and water damage, especially when treated with protective coating.

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Easy Cleaning

When you’re furnishing an establishment that deals with beverages — especially wine — easy-to-clean furniture should be one of your top priorities. Wooden benches and steel bistro tables and chairs are fairly straightforward when it comes to cleaning, but what about softer furniture?

Upholstered materials such as vinyl cushions are among the easiest to clean. Simply wet a microfiber cloth with dishwashing liquid and warm water and wipe away residue. If you’re spot-treating a stain, blot the stain, spray the soapy solution, gently brush the stain, spray with clean water to rinse, and then blot dry.

Types of Outdoor Furniture for your Winery or Golf Course

Your options for outdoor dining furniture are going to be different than if you were to furnish an indoor lounge or bedroom. For example, logically, a velvet couch might not fly on the patio of a winery — although it does create quite a regal image. 

The following are the best choices for your golf course or winery’s outdoor furniture.

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Treated or Teak Wood

Wooden benches, picnic tables, and other outdoor furniture are a classic choice for furnishing your winery or golf course. 

Seal your wooden furniture with a coating of polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, or a stain-sealant combo to help their defense against rainfall. Furniture made from teak wood looks great and is inherently water-resistant (it’s the wood of choice for boat decks). 

JH Carr partners with ICA North America to produce our high-quality wood stains. These easy-to-use and quick-to-dry stains are water-solvent and environmentally friendly—while still giving you control over color and customization.

Synthetic Resin Wicker Furniture

Synthetic resin woven into wicker furniture not only adds a charming look to any golf course clubhouse or winery, but it’s also lightweight, surprisingly durable, and weather-resistant. Natural wicker rattan can be easily damaged by sun and rain, so make sure you choose this material, created from nylon, polyethylene, and PVC.

Outdoor Sofas and Lounge Chairs

Upholstered sofas and lounge chairs are a great option that encourages patrons to relax and stay a while. Especially when catering to individuals who may have been on their feet all day on a golf course, you’ll want to provide a comfortable environment.

Bistro Tables and Chairs

Steel bistro tables and chairs give off a classic, chic vibe perfect for wineries. Set these up around your cafe or outdoor bar to seat small groups for drinks and bites. 

Bonus: This type of furniture is easy to clean and protect from the rain.

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