Top Commercial Hospitality Furniture Trends of 2020

Restaurant interior.

Interior design in the hospitality industry is ever-evolving, taking into account things such as aesthetic trends and the state of the world around us. From classic, vintage style to imaginative modern ideas, hotel designers have a plethora of inspiration to draw from to make their destination an experience to remember. 

Here are some of the top commercial hospitality trends of 2020.

Outdoor Hotel Dining

With the way we do everyday things irrevocably compromised by the coronavirus pandemic, places such as hotels and restaurants have had to brainstorm in order to maintain business while keeping safe. Year-round outdoor dining is a 2020 trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast, and as long as people are traveling, people will be eating at hotels. 

Hotels can continue to provide safe and delicious dining by transforming their outdoor spaces, such as rooftops or courtyards, into glamorous restaurant destinations. Outdoor dining areas can make the most of their space with umbrellas, fabric structures, heat lamps, and easy-to-clean patio furniture.

Bistro Furniture

Because of social distancing regulations, now is not the time to communally gather with large groups in the lobby or restaurant of your hotel, but the time to make things a bit more intimate. Cafe or bistro seating usually consists of smaller round tables and a couple of chairs made of metal. 

This type of arrangement is great for those traveling professionally, as they provide the perfect amount of space for working on your laptop. Bistro seating is also ideal for outdoor dining areas, since they can be easily rearranged and cleaned.

Lounge Seating

Hotels should feel like an exciting home-away-from-home, and with that in mind, comfort is key. Why not jazz up a lobby, elevator foyer, or bar area with plush lounge seating? From cushioned banquette benches to leather armchairs, lounge seating will make guests want to stay an extra day or two.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability in hotel design is more than just a trend — it’s a commitment that more and more establishments are striving for. Hotels are adopting more eco-friendly sustainability methods, including carbon-neutral paints, chemical-free and biodegradable linens, solar paneled roofs and water-saving shower heads. 

Sustainability isn’t without style, and popular midcentury modern and art-deco interior design can be achieved using vintage and upcycled furniture.

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